Newport 100% Hemp Strapback

Rustek Collective

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Plastic free is the way to be! Crafted exclusively from the most renewable natural materials on earth... And thats it! Featuring our patent pending CorkFlex natural brim technology and 100% plastic free construction, discover the most sustainable hats on earth, exclusively from Rustek.

Made in Canada from ultra lightweight, 100% hemp 'summer cloth,' and featuring signature Tencel embroidery, the Hemp strapback is our lightest, most breathable cap yet. Hemp is naturally moisture wicking, quick drying, anti-microbial and ultra durable, making this the perfect summer hat.

Unstructured Style
Ultra Light 100% Hemp Canvas
Signature Tencel embroidery
Strapback w/ Metal Size Adjuster
100% Plastic Free
Made in Canada
Finished in Portland, OR

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